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Over the years, arranging has become an increasingly important part of Hans’ work. The main reason for this is his interest in writing new material, especially for horn sections and big bands.

In 2008, Hans co-founded the Holy Horns Horn Section, a vibrant horn section that has its roots in the Gospel scene in the Netherlands but quickly became known all around. In the early years, this section provided the perfect opportunity to write many arrangements for live performances and CD recordings. In recent years, Hans also writes for other sections at home and abroad and works a lot from his home recording studio. By working online with other musicians, it is possible to record horns with varying line-ups and send them online to producers. This shifts the work a little bit from just writing to producing.

2008 was also the year that Hans co-founded the big band The Convocation with David Mast. This big band collaborates with vocal groups and brings the unadulterated sound of (black) gospel. Because there was no sheet music for sale for this unique collaboration, Hans started arranging for big band for this project. During his studies at ArtEZ University of the Arts, Hans took arranging lessons with Jan Wessels and Joan Reinders. Throughout this period, he also took guest lessons with various arrangers and since then writing for big bands has become an integral part of his daily practice. More information about big band The Convocation can be found on their website.

After creating many arrangements, Hans started writing his own compositions. Most of his compositions are made for his music theater publishing house “Spotlight Musical Productions”. These songs are part of a musical written for children aged 12 years who are waving goodbye to primary school. During the COVID crisis of 2020 – 2022, Hans also started writing for new instrumental projects. These projects will be launched in the course of 2022 and will be published on this website under the ‘Latest news’ tab.

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The Blessing of Abraham - Big Band The Convocation ft. Gospel Boulevard

Amen / This little light - Bigband The Convocation, Gospel Boulevard & spec. guest Edsilia Rombley

If I Tell God - Big Band The Convocation

Bigband The Convocation & Gospelflavor feat. DO - Beautiful thing