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Besides working for other artists, it has always been very important for Hans to do his own projects. He runs his own big band (The Convocation), has a music theater publishing house (Spotlight Musical Productions), and has worked on several smaller projects in the past (RUPB, Salon-Jazz, Trumpet-Fun, and many more). During these projects, he has built up a lot of experience in project management, communication, and marketing

Recently, Hans started working on new compositions for trumpet, cello, guitar, and piano. Thanks to the Music Investment Fund (a Dutch fund set up for artists during the COVID crisis) these compositions will be recorded in the second quarter of 2022 and released in the summer of 2022. The sheet music will be available through this website.

The second project in 2022 is called “Big band meets choir”. A large project that will start after the summer of 2022 and will continue until the summer of 2023. In collaboration with Stichting BigbandsForever, Hans wrote a project plan for Fonds voor Cultuurparticipatie (Fund for Cultural Participation) that is approved recently. In this project, five amateur big bands are paired with five local amateur choirs to collaborate on an exciting concert. In consultation with the participants, Hans will arrange new material in different music styles. More about this project will be announced soon.

Hans continues to look for new possibilities to spread his love for music.


If you’d like to collaborate on new projects, feel free to contact Hans. Fill out the contact form, and Hans will get in touch with you within 2 business days.

Big Band The Convocation

Bigband The Convocation is founded by David Mast and Hans van Wingerden. Through the years the band has grown to a close group of befriended musicians. The band has had some successful years playing gig’s in several Dutch theatres (DeLaMar, Chassé, Schouwburg Amstelveen, Schouwburg Enschede) and on the main stages of ‘Opwekking’, ‘North Sea Round Town’ en het „Xnoizz Flevo Festival”. During the years Bigband The Convocation has performed with a lot of well known Dutch artists e.g. Gospel Boulevard (o.l.v. André Bijleveld), Sharon Kips, Denise Jannah, Pearl Jozefzoon, Syb van der Ploeg, Do, Edsilia Rombley and Shirma Rouse.

Bigband The Convocation is unique in their specific sound. The band only plays their own arrangements which are a spectaculair cross-over between ‚old style big band music’ and old & new (black)gospel songs.

Spotlight Musical Productions

Spotlight Musical Productions is the place to be for the farewell musicals with great humor and fantastic songs!

In 2008 Gert and Hans started publishing farewell musicals (afscheidmusicals) for children aged 12 years old to perform in school. Since then, their musicals have become indispensable in The Netherlands and Belgium. Characteristic of their fairwell musicals are the humor, hilarious characters and the unique newly written songs in all kind of styles. Every year a new musicals is launched in December. The musicals are performed at the end of the elementary school in juli.


“Four” is the name of the project Hans is currently working on. Four newly written compositions for trumpet/flugelhorn, cello, guitar and piano will be recorded before summer 2022. These recordings will be published on all streaming platforms and the sheet music will be made available through this website. More information will follow in may 2022.


“Big Band meets choir” is a new project, partly funded by Fund for Cultural Participation, that will start after summer 2022. In collaboration with Stichting BigbandForever amateur bigbands will be paired to amateur choirs for a spectacular performance with new arrangements in a fantastic crossover.